Put the world's data to work

The world produces billions of gigabytes of meaningful data every day. We help clients optimize their business intelligence through the relevant connection, capture, and curation of publicly available information for game changing insights.

Do more with more

Our process

We strive to understand your competitive landscape, market dynamics, and business opportunities.

We enlighten you on the scope of possibilities from the growing pool of publicly available information.

We design, develop and deliver custom data solutions to meet the scale and scope of your specific strategic needs.

We provide scalable platforms that pull, analyze and push publicly available information to help you make informed data driven business decisions.

Case Study

We kept first responders safe during the 2014 healthcare epidemic.

By monitoring social media conversations in real time, we helped responders understand where unrest could put their health and safety at risk.

Case Study

We improved the loyalty program of a retail chain.

(If only we could convince them to put the cat litter in a more conspicuous place.)

By blending geo-location data with the client's loyalty data,
we helped the client create an efficent and effective marketing strategy to its members.

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